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Margaret Schultz

Margaret Schultz

Margaret Schultz, originally from Grain Valley, Missouri, now resides in Garden City.
Margaret works as an attorney at Schultz Law Office, P.A., and focuses her work on family matters.
When asked, “What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?” Her response was, “Continuing to build the RCDC community so that we can reach as many families and children as possible.”
Margaret found out about RCDC through working with “a child in need of care” cases. After learning more about RCDC and the work RCDC does, Margaret applied to join the board in 2017.
After joining the board, Margaret had a child born prematurely in 2017 and another child born prematurely in 2019, both of which have been served by RCDC in the tiny-k program.
Margaret is married to Logan Schultz and has three children who keep them on their toes. “We enjoy golfing when we can sneak away from work or our kids for an afternoon,” said Margaret.

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