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Happy 55th Birthday, RCDC! 


It’s our double nickel birthday! Russell Child Development Center has been serving Southwest Kansas for fifty-five years now. That’s a huge reason to celebrate and we’ve got a great way for you to help us do just that. Join us in celebrating by donating an amount with two number FIVES in it! 

Surprise Us!

We’ve also gotten ourselves a birthday present; a new logo!


Is It Good for the Children?

Reflections on 55 Years


We honor the legacy of our founders, women and men who,

Before laws decreed it, before parents dared dream it,

Battled for the good of the children - ALL children.


We hear their echo in our partners, empowering a better world;

We hear their petition in our parents, pursuing the destination of hope;

We hear their passion it in our staff, sharing the vocation of growth.


We offer our gratitude to those who came before us, those with us now,
and those yet to come,

Each an integral part of a timeless journey toward a better world,

Where we never cease to ask, “is it good for the children?”


Author: Katrina A. Lowry

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