Every parent is different. Yet parents all over the world face problems that are surprisingly similar. Toddler tantrums, fighting at home or school, the child won't go to bed, a kid who never seems to listen or one that lacks confidence. The issues you deal with in your home affect families everywhere. That's where Triple P Positive Parenting Program can help!


Triple P Positive Parenting Program doesn't tell you how to parent. It offers clear and simple ideas to help manage problem behavior or prevent problems from developing in the first place. You'll become confident about your parenting skills and learn how to take care of yourself as a parent too.


Classes and in-home coaching is available in the following counties: Clark, Finney, Ford, Grant, Gray, Greeley, Hamilton, Haskell, Hodgeman, Kearny, Lane, Meade, Morton, Ness, Scott, Seward, Stanton, Stevens and Wichita.

Is This You?

Coping with supermarket meltdowns? Bedtime dramas? Disobedience? Biting & hitting?

"I have learned about postive parenting strategies and they have been really helpful! I had tried everything I knew with my 2-year-old when he was having a tantrum and nothing was working. Now we can go to the store together and we both are happier and less stressed. I'm glad I found a program that supports me as a mom."

-Southwest Kansas Parent

Frequently asked questions:


What is a Seminar?

Triple P Seminars are an informal presentation for groups of parents.  There is no homework and no follow up. The first seminar is designed to be a brief introduction to the Triple P strategies, but you will definitely recieve some great ideas to take home and try out with your family!  Click to learn more plan on attending subsequent seminars.


Where do I go for a seminar?

Seminars schedules are posted on the "Event Calendar". Check the calendar for a scheduled date in your community by clicking here  or call RCDC at 888-877-3717.


How long will it take?

The seminars last around 90 minutes. There is time at the end for your questions, but you won't have to speak up if you don't want to. It's your choice. 


How will seminars help me as a parent?

Triple P Seminars will help parents raise happy and confident kids, manage your child's behaviour so everyone enjoys life more, set family routines and rules that everyone respects and follows, help get along with kids better with less arguing and as a parent you will balance work and family without constant worry.


Read more about the different levels of Triple P Positive Parent Program here.  RCDC will work with your family to find a fit that is right for you.



Triple P Postive Parenting Program is funded through the Building Blocks Early Childhood Block Grants awarded by the Kasnas Children's Cabinet and Trust Fund to Russell Child Development Center.

Russell Child Development Center

2735 N. Jennie Barker Rd, Garden City, KS 67846

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Fax: 620-275-0364

Office Hours: 

M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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