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Dodge City - First Christian Church

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 2023 Learn & Play Sessions
Tuesdays from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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No current schedule changes at this time.


Keep up to date on any schedule changes here.

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Do You Have Questions or Are You Interested In Enrolling Your Child(ren) Today?
Feel Free to Contact Your Local Facilitator Today!

Lindsay White



Jan Linsenmeyer



Here Are What Our Families Are Saying About Learn & Play

“Learn and Play is a great program to have in our community! Families are provided with resources to go and enjoy learning and skill-building activities with their kids. We are also provided with take home resources to continue learning at home. My kids have enjoyed being able to experience different activities that we don’t normally do at home. It’s also a great place for kids and parents to socially interact with others.”
“Que los niños pueden interactuar unos con otros. Mi niña es más independiente y se involucra en todas las actividades que hacen en learn & play Siempre se está aprendiendo cosas nuevas”

Translation: That the children can interact with each other. My daughter is more independent and gets involved in all the activities they do at Learn & Play, always learning new things.
“The additional knowledge we receive about skills and types of play, etc. that help our children grow. Simple ways to improve day to day play. Interaction with other children of different ages. The fun activities that make our children want to come back each time. The commitment and devotion of the leaders to not only find activities, etc. that correlate with positive milestone and learning development but the love they have for their job and the kids.”
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