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Scott City Second Grader Donates Winnings to RCDC

Dru Vondracek is an eight-year-old from Scott City, Kansas, with a giving heart.

Dru recently participated in an essay contest sponsored by the Scott County Record. The second-grade subject was, “Mrs. Claus is ill and can’t make Santa’s special supper before going out to deliver presents. She has called you to make a special meal for him.” When she heard the news of her first place winnings, she said she was happy and felt proud.

Dru’s winnings included a piggy bank with $10 from the bank, a $25 sonic card, a free blizzard from DQ, a 2 liter of soda, a pizza from Whites Foodliner, and a $10 Chamber check from Scott County Record.

Dru decided to donate her Chamber check plus an additional cash donation to Russell Child Development Center. Dru said she chose RCDC because “RCDC makes me feel special. I want to give it to people with cleft palate and other stuff.” She also mentioned she would like to continue donating to RCDC, even when she’s older.

Check out the essay Dru wrote to receive her first-place award.

I heard Mrs. Claus is sick, so I’m going to the grocery store. I’m going to get candy for a soup. I’m done! Now I can go to the North Pole.

I saw Santa, he said “Hurry!” “I’m coming!”

Wait said Santa, give me your gro-ceries! Ok. I got it!

Later on Santa said Mrs. Claus is pregnant. OMG! I said Mrs. Claus! I asked are you ok? Yes. I saw her baby. Awww! I went home.

-Dru Vondracek


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